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C.H.I.P Headless setup over Serial on Linux

So finally I got my C.H.I.P SOCs after waiting for at least half a year.

The computer comes with no means of connecting it to a display, which I realized to be a problem once a discovered the lack of an Ethernet port as well. However, it is possible to connect over serial through the micro-USB port.

To be able to SSH into the C.H.I.P, we need to setup a wireless connection, install an SSH server and start it.

  1. Connect the C.H.I.P to your computer and make sure that it’s LEDs keep on flashing. I used a bad USB cable that stopped working soon after boot, which caused some head ache.
  2. Look at dmesg to find out which port the C.H.I.P uses. It will be something like /dev/ttyACM0or similar. Use dmesg | grep tty for some filtering. Reconnecting the USB cable will produce the output again.
  3. Install minicom: sudo pacman -S minicom
  4. Run it with minicom -s
  5. Go to Serial port setup and set Serial Device to point at the device you found in step 2, e.g. /dev/ttyACM0. Set the Baud Rate (Setting E) to 9600. Press Escape twice.
  6. Now you’re in! Sign in with user chip and password chip. Go ahead and get root access with sudo su. Use the same credentials.
  7. Use nmtuito connect to your local wireless network. It’s a pretty user friendly CLI utility.
  8. Install an SSH server; apt-get install ssh. Activate it with service ssh start.
  9. Get the IP address from ip addr. It’s the wlan0 interface you should be looking at.
  10. Try to connect to the C.H.I.P over SSH; ssh chip@<the IP found in step 9>:22. Now you’re in!

Bonus: The C.H.I.P fits nicely in a Scotch-Brite!


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